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The Metro Tunnel Project has been working with businesses in Campbell Arcade since July 2017 and has been directly managing the arcade and the tenancies since November 2019. 

Initially construction was expected to start in Campbell Arcade in mid-2019, with all tenancies needing to be vacated by July 2019. However, time was needed to revise the design.  

Over time some businesses have vacated their tenancies. To help retain the arcade’s vibrancy and attract customers, RPV has offered tenancies to a range of creative businesses for pop-ups, and hosted other initiatives such as Christmas activations. 


Prior to the closure there were nine businesses operating in Campbell Arcade (all listed below), of which four are long-term tenants while five are short-term tenants or pop-up tenancies. 


You can keep up to date with the tenants via their websites, social media accounts, or visit them in person using the details below. 


Sticky Institute  

New location:

Nicholas Building – Room 814, Level 8, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne



Wax Museum Records  

New location:

Basement of 250 Flinders Street (Selina Hotel), Melbourne



Tree Paper Gallery  

New location:

37a Greeves Street, St Kilda 


The Sneaker Laundry 

New location:

593 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 


Cup of Truth


Sebra Prints


Meditation Station



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