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18 MAY - 2 JULY 

Stanislava Pinchuk

"Absence of Evidence"

Stanislava Pinchuk is a Ukrainian-Australian artist working with data-mapping the changing topographies of war and conflict zones. Her work is produced in full independence, and surveys how landscape holds memory and testament to political events spanning drawing, installation, tattooing, film and sculpture. Her work has been collected by Le Louvre's Musee des Arts Decoratifs, The National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), and supported by institutions in New York and London. Stanislava has worked with global brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Nike and Apple, and acknowledged in the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 (The Arts, Asia) List. She currently has a career survey show at Heide MoMA (until 20 June 2021) and is working on projects for Art Basel, FAC, ACMI, Zemaljski Muzej in Sarajevo and a book for the Wellcome Museum (London) which follows completed projects for the Immigration Museum of Australia (Melbourne) and the Sydney Opera House as part of the All About Women Festival 2020.


@stanislava__pinchuk |

Carla Gottgens

"The Guardians"

Carla Gottgens is a multidisciplinary artist working across photographic and digital work, installation and sculptural pieces, including interactive and exploratory wayfinding. Carla's art practice, combined with research, presents site-specific work and explores how visitors can interact intentionally or incidentally with art in public space. Carla's photographic work, held in collections worldwide, plays a vital role in her 3D and public space artworks. Some of Carla's work for local governments within Victoria includes a 48 metre wall mural for Monash Council celebrating local flora and fauna; a human sized snakes and ladders game with historical notes for Bayside Council; and a shared street zone design for Moreland council.

@carlagottgens |

United Make

"A Touch Of Climate"

Designers. Storytellers. Makers. United Make (UDMK) is a multi-disciplinary studio that explores design through the act of making. Located in Richmond, UDMK fabricates and designs experiences. From small-scale furniture to large-scale speculations, UDMK looks at translating the intangible to the material because they believe the world can be improved with better design. Currently, UDMK supports and teaches architectural design studios all over the world – as well as pushing their research into materials, environments, and experiences. Their teaching work looks into the fantastical possibilities of tomorrow, 1:1 built pavilions, delving into the depths of the internet in Aditnalta and visualizing wild imaginings. UDMK’s practice ranges from large-scale environmental design, furniture, and art installations to in-house laser and hand-crafted fabrication.


@unitedmake |

Anton Hasell

 "The Parallax of Time"

Anton Hasell is a sculptor living in Central Victoria exploring the use of both traditional and digital tools in the design of bells, interactive public-space installation, sculpture and printmaking. Anton's interest in public-space design is centred on interactivity, accessibility and participatory multi-sensory experience that encourages individuals to creatively play together and so build their sense of communal identity and vitality. He has completed over 35 public art projects and is best known for the creation of the Federation Bells Carillon in Melbourne and for other public space artworks in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. His most recent project is the design, casting and tuning of ten 'difference-tone' bells for the Longnow 10,000 year clock project in Texas. He creates new forms that seek to tune into the resonant frequencies of the Australian landscape and to manifest its ambient sonorities. Inventing new forms, new sounds and joyful public sites to encourage communal playfulness and shared creativity has resulted in a body of work promising, in each next iteration, to be the clearest and most succinct yet.

Tracy Sarroff

 "Green and Red"

Tracy Sarroff's practice is multidisciplinary and interchangeable, working with sculpture, painting, photography, video, drawing, ceramics, installation and public art. Ideas relating to science fiction, science fact and ecology underlie many of her projects, while their form stems from basic structural compositions of living things, their growth and transformation. Patterns and structures are sifted from the natural world and recombined. What prevails is an interest in our relationships with ecology and science and the creative boundaries of what is both imaginary and real. Not beholden to these themes and ideas, tangents are also taken that vary conceptually and explore a multitude of material and aesthetic interests.


@tracysarroff_art |

Dee Smart

"What Lies Beneath"

Dee Smart has led a successful career in film, television and stage. Following the birth of her first child, Dee began pursuing visual arts where a passion for life drawing led directly to a painting career that has gained significant momentum in recent years. In 2017 and 2018, Dee was selected as a finalist in the Archibald Prize – her first two attempts. Both works achieved notoriety for their pop sensibility and dynamic palette. Her 2018 Archibald portrait was ultimately collected by one of the most prominent private collections of female artists in Australia. She has also been a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize and, recently, the 2019 Portia Geach Memorial Award – Australia’s most important art prize for portraiture by women artists. Recently, the prestigious Bennett Collection in USA acquired Dee’s work, making her one of only three Australian artists included in the collection.


@deesmartart /

Jingwen (Jina) He

"You Can Find Something Truly Important in an Ordinary Minute"

As a person practicing architecture with an art and design background, Jingwen (Jina) He deals with space transformations on a daily basis and believes in the power of storytelling through spatial awareness. Jina is interested in public spaces and social interactions that meet the practical and emotional needs of daily activities. Her work explores various approaches and materials, with a keen interest in expressing ideas and subjects that relate to nostalgia, nature, and identity. Her recent roles include being an external Arts Grant assessment panel member with the City of Melbourne, participating in the Testing Grounds Test Sites Public Art Workshop, and as a contributor to the Archemist Podcast.


@miss_stingray /

Ann Ryan

"The Duchess and The Butterfly II"

After exploring many art mediums, Ann Ryan found her niche in collage. Ann's background in fashion is ever-present in her work, which explores the often absurd contortions of the fashion silhouette and her belief that the more expensive the garment, the more obscure the image. Working with a range of fabrics and mediums, Ann creates collages that interpret and present fashion with affectionate irony. She draws on images from the past and present, from magazines, the digital world and street life. It's an obsession that attracts interest in many quarters, and donations of fabric remnants and miscellanea regularly appear in her studio. Mending and stitching is ever-present in Ann's work as a metaphor of sustainability and a nod to the slow fashion and visible mending movements.



Sue Beyer

 "Portal Glitch"

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Melbourne based Sue Beyer's visual art practice primarily examines place and space. Sue's current work is part of an ongoing investigation into the concept of liminal space (transformation and the in-between) through the lens of personal mythologies, postinternet and postdigital concerns, and Instruction Based art. Sue has held solo exhibitions in Brisbane and Melbourne, and participated in group shows in Australia, Singapore and USA. She has been a finalist in multiple prizes, and won the Emerging Artist category in the Stanthorpe Art Prize in 2014. Her work is part of numerous corporate and public collections including Artbank, an Australian Government art collection. In 2018 Sue was awarded the National Gallery of Victoria Women’s Association Award for the work created as part of her candidature. Sue is the director of Sandbox Studios Melbourne, a set of professional art studios and independent artist run gallery.


@sue_beyer |

Jasmine Mansbridge

"Painting A Perfect World"

Jasmine Mansbridge’s work is best described as the meeting of exploration and refinement. Jasmine has taken her art to a number of mediums – sculpture, large-scale public works and intimate paintings for private collection, and has worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Australia. She is not afraid to venture outside an established comfort zone. Whatever her choice of art form, Mansbridge brings a refined and meticulous hand to the work. Her deliberation and contemplation are evident at all times. The works she creates provoke thought and wonder, and give the viewer a chance to apply their personal storytelling, as they unpack the geometry and portals of Mansbridge’s imagined world.


@jasmine_mansbridge |



Tricia "Vandal" Van Der-Kuyp is a proud Wiradjuri woman and Melbourne-based mixed media artist (Bundadhaany). In 2019, Vandal was chosen as one of eight Victorian artists to have her artwork displayed on a Melbourne Art Tram. Her art tends to focus on promoting indigenous flora and fauna, and critically endangered animals. She has created artworks on community art trails around Victoria, a fibreglass sculpture (uoo uoo), a car parking space (Tunstall Square), a gallery door (Artboy Gallery), had award-winning art on a skateboard deck, runs skateboard deck art workshops and has published her own distinctive colouring book range, inspired by her Aboriginal heritage and a fundraiser for Australian animals. Vandal believes you don't have to be perfect to be a good artist, because art has no rules! Vandal's artwork is distinctive, bold, energetic and full of imagination, love and whimsy. Her work has been described as 'a wonderment for the eyes and a spark plug for the mind.'


@artist_vandal |

Sonia Kretschmar


Sonia Kretschmar is an illustrative artist with over 25 years experience. Her work is primarily figurative, with a strong use of narrative, meta-narrative and symbolism to explore contemporary interpretations of Australian and European history, personal history, women's issues and portraiture. Her painterly style utilises both traditional and digital media, and her background in graphic design influences her work both compositionally and communicatively. She has recently represented Australia / Oceania for projects published by The Washington Post and Fortune Magazine, and is part of the Jacky Winter group of artists.


@soniak |

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